Smart Merchandising

Selfbook leverages data-driven e-commerce best practices to increase average order value through upsells and add-ons, as well as by optimizing room type, rate and calendar display configurations. Selfbook's proprietary A/B testing and customer success team ensure your hotel is best-positioned to drive direct bookings, often bringing a 20% lift in average order value.

Drive better conversions and increase revenue as well as your average order value by unifying the payment flow and seamlessly integrating all of your existing reservation systems.

Additional services can be added to reservations, including pre- and post-booking add-ons and enhancements.

Each of these services will be added to guests' carts as part of Selfbook's seamless, unified checkout experience.

Increased AOV

  • The first of its kind in the industry, the platform’s all-in-one payment flow provides up to a 20% lift in average order value.

    • Our support team will help set up your menu of pre-booking add ons and post-booking enhancements to drive upsells and increase your average order value.

    • This system enables customers to select multiple services and add-ons in a single checkout, even after bookings are confirmed and regardless of rates complexities such as prepaid, guaranteed, and deposits.

Service Integration

  • Selfbook works with leading partners across the hospitality ecosystem to seamlessly unify all elements of the booking experience, from room upgrades to meals and spa add-ons.

  • Service partners include SynXis, SevenRooms, Mindbody and more.