Welcome to the Fam

:smile: Welcome to the Selfbook Family!

We’re so excited to have you on board! We promise to make this onboarding process seamless, simple, and quick! Our Customer Success team will guide you through the process, from onboarding through technical implementation, during your entire journey with us.

What is Selfbook:question: Selfbook is a lightning-fast direct booking and payment solution for hotels. Our transaction technology helps leading hotel brands stay relevant and increase direct bookings. Selfbook includes a seamless user booking interface, verified payment processing, digital wallet access, and a comprehensive checkout, streamlining the entire guest experience.

Our unified checkout supports add-ons and reservation enhancements through a multitude of service integrations, including SevenRooms, Resy, OpenTable, SpaSoft, Mindbody, and more.

:rocket: HERE WE GO! :rocket:
It's not a space race, but the faster you launch, the faster you can start saving! :moneybag: By improving the user booking experience online, hotels can increase conversions, boost average order value, and save up to 25% on commissions and fees while elevating the customer journey.


Average Time to Onboard: Our clients generally take about 5-7 days to launch Selfbook on their website. There are a few key steps you should be aware of. See below!