Selfbook Help Center

Welcome to the Selfbook Help Center!

In order to provide our clients with the best support possible, we have launched the Selfbook Help Center.

Our help desk allows us to track, quickly respond to, and expedite requests so we can better serve your needs, all while streamlining the process on your end.

Within the Selfbook Help Center you can:

- Request technical support

- Report a bug

- Suggest a new feature


Step 1: Create an account

To get started, please follow the invitation link sent to your inbox. If you did not receive the link, please reach out to Selfbook's Customer Success team to be invited. Once you create an account, you can submit your requests and log in at any time to check on support status.


Step 2: Submitting a request

When submitting a request, please do not forget to include your hotel name on the subject line of your ticket request.

Requests should specify the following items:

  • Hotel name
  • Hotel URL
  • One-line summary of the problem
  • Steps to reproduce your request (e.g., dates, room type, upgrades/add-ons if applicable, payment method, and any other information that can help us reproduce the problem)
  • Date when you first noticed the issue
  • Severity of issue (high, medium, or low)
  • Business impact (high, medium, or low)
  • Device the problem is occurring on (e.g. iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, LG smartphone, Mac, iPad, HP laptop, etc.)
  • OS and version the problem is occurring on (e.g., iOS v15, macOS v15, Android v11, Windows 10, etc.)
  • Browser (e.g., Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.)
  • Selfbook version (V1 or V2)
  • Screenshot(s) (optional)
  • Video(s) (optional)

❗️Please complete the above information to the best of your ability even if you do not know how to access certain information, such as your version of OS or how to record a video of the problem.