SDK Only

Selfbook Implementation with SDK only


Step 1: Insert this js code above the </ body > tag in the index page

<script async type="text/javascript"



The SDK script above should be initialized when the main hotel page loads. Initializing it conditionally (Example, with a button or other user interactions) will not integrate properly with the rest of Selfbook features like Direct Link customized URLs.

Step 2: In the button where you need to open the widget form, call this function along with the parameters if available



All parameters are optional; if a parameter is not provided please just set it as an empty field.

The parameters types for bookNow() function are the following:

            startDate: string,
            endDate: string,
            guests: Array,
            propertyId: string,
            currencyCode: string,
            roomId: string,
            ratePlanCode: string,
            promoCode: string,
            groupCode: string,
            locale: string,
            hotelId: number,
  • Locale is language ISO 2 code
  • If a hotel belongs to a group and Selfbook is opened from the group page, send the hotel id in the BookNow function.

Example of bookNow() function below:

    "startDate": "2021-09-20",
    "endDate": "2021-09-24",
    "guests": [
            "type": "adult",
            "count": 2
            "type": "child",
            "count": 0
            "type": "infants",
            "count": 0
    "propertyId": "property-id",
    "roomId": "room-id",
    "ratePlanCode": "rate-plan-code",
    "promoCode": "promo-code",
    "groupCode": "group-code",
    "locale": "locale-iso2-code",
    "hotelId": 67998

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