1. Access & Intros

Send Intro & Access Emails :e-mail:

Step 1a: If you have not done so yet, please send emails to the specified contacts to kick off the SynXis process and introduce us to your agency. Please don’t forget to copy us!


Email to Request SynXis Access

To: me (YOUR CSM), your SynXis Rep, [email protected]
Cc: [email protected]

Subject: Granting Permission to Custom BE for [ENTER HOTEL NAME + ID]


We grant permission for Selfbook to access the SynXis hotel ID for [HOTEL ID] as we’re implementing their payment technology (certified with SynXis under Selfbook).

Please notify us when permission has been cleared on your end.

Thank you,

Step 1b. Connect us to your agency over email to begin implementation on your website. When integrating Selfbook, your Central Reservation System remains unchanged in the backend.

Selfbook can be instantly activated with a single line of code. If you do not have a digital agency, we can help you with the integration process. We promise... it's easy!


Email to Agency/ Web Developers to Begin Implementation

To: me (YOUR CSM), your agency contact or Web Dev Team
Cc: [email protected]

Subject: Introduction to Selfbook + [AGENCY NAME/CONTACT]


I want to introduce you to [CSM] at Selfbook. We will be implementing their technology on our website.

Selfbook is a comprehensive transaction engine, designed to help customers pay for their hotel reservations seamlessly and securely. The technology-first payment platform removes barriers to direct bookings, empowering hotels to accept one-tap payments, drive better conversions, capture mobile bookings, and boost revenues. Installing the Selfbook SDK is as easy as adding a simple line of code to our website, as well as verifying Apple Pay.

Implementation and testing should take about 7 days total, and we have set a launch date with them for XXXXX. Please set up a call with their team as soon as possible to get this kicked off.

Thank you,

What’s Next