5. LIVE... now what?

:clap: :clap: Voilà!! You are LIVE!:clap: :clap:

Your job is done, but ours is not. We are here to support you with any questions, updates, or if you just want to call to brainstorm what to have for dinner tonight. :fork-and-knife:

Don't hesitate to reach out to our Global Customer Support team, 24/7.

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How do you get the most of Selfbook?

:chart-with-upwards-trend: Tracking Conversion: Make sure you have Google Analytics / GTM set up properly. This will ensure you are tracking conversions properly, and the best way to see the true impact of direct bookings.

:smiley: Market your booking experience: Continue to drive people to your website, now more than ever. Use your marketing team to showcase one-tap booking. The booking experience has officially been elevated!

:moneybag: Drive Revenue using add-ons: Enable your guests to make restaurant reservations, spa bookings, and include other add-ons to enhance their on-site experience, as well as drive more revenue for your hotel.

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