2. Onboarding Call

:phone: Let's kick it off with a call

What is the onboarding call? This call is the official kickoff for Selfbook. We will schedule a call with your agency or web developer team. It’s short and sweet (~20 min), but critical information will be shared.

Who should be on this call? Hotel contact, Agency or Web Developer. The developer who is running the integration should also be on this call, whether they are from the agency or hotel. There will be some technical aspects of this call, and we will be able to talk through scenarios and answer any questions.

What to expect?

  • We will review the Process and the Integration Kit
  • Answer questions - user experience, technical documentation, options
  • Set a staging/review date
  • Confirm launch date.

:calendar::exclamation: Scheduling Launches

We have limited availability for launch dates. If you need to change your launch date from the date specific in the body of this email, please let us know ASAP.

If your agency is not responsive, we ask that you help us to push the process along to avoid rescheduling of the launch date.

:memo: SynXis & Add-Ons

Selfbook can integrate any add-ons of your choice. Simply load your add-ons menu along with details and pricing into SynXis and we will add them to your Selfbook booking flow.

To load your add-ons, open the SynXis Command Center, click on Packages and then Package Set Up. There is no limit to the number of add-ons you choose to include, and you can set multiple categories.